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2 min readDec 31, 2021

Porridge- a comfort food, a whole food, a nutritious food, one pot recipe etc. it got many such exotic names and each country has its own story of porridge to tell this word.

Look at the porridge rituals around the world, its beauty lies in its acceptability by all ages and intensifying nutrient values. In love with the indigenous porridge Nutreat has initiated “Porridge Tasting Party” to tell a new story — “The Lost culture of Porridge”.

India’s first ever porridge tasting party/event by Nutreatlife inaugurated by Mrs.Manjulatha K

On December 24th 2021, at Artocinno, Hyderabad in collaboration with Unekha- Nutreat has organized India’s first ever tasting party with 15 invitees.

The motto of the event is to introduce lost porridges from different countries of the world and present to these foodies. Porridges inspired from traditional recipes of India, Ethiopia, Jamaica, UAE & China were reconstructed with Indian local ingredients.

The party was inaugurated by Smt.Manjulatha K Senior Editor at Indian Express, Creator of Rice Bucket Challenge and a Foodie by heart. The event was personally hosted by our Founder Jyothi Sri Pappu, to narrate the story of porridge all way from ages of human kind.

It was totally unique & first ever healthy food conversation setup in the presence great food lovers.

Our porridge tasting party has deep intension of reintroducing the porridge culture which is the healthiest option for all age groups from ages. But however due to globalization & modernization people has left the traditional culture of porridge all over the world. Nutreat dreams re-introduce this wonderful recipe which is a whole food and a solution for many health problems these days through handcrafting with the help of food-lovers.

Are you with us? Join us folks !

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